Submission Guidelines

I absolutely love finding new artists and creative people who are looking to share their craft with others. I'd be more than happy to feature you, your creation, your shop, or your blog in most cases. I just have a few simple guidelines I ask you to consider before making a submission.

What I Look For
I'm really open to all kinds of art/craft/design - home renovation projects, fun parties or events you've hosted or attended, recipes or food decorating tips, Etsy shops, or pretty much any other type of interesting creative project you can think of. Creations should be original - I do not appreciate anyone trying to pass off another person's art as their own. As with most blogs or publications, the more unusual something is, the more likely I will be to take note. That doesn't mean I don't want to feature your beaded jewelry shop. I love supporting small businesses and Etsy shops, so please don't be shy!

When Submitting
Keep it relatively short. I only want to hear your "elevator pitch" - one paragraph (two at the VERY most) about why your submission is unique and why I should consider featuring it. If I choose your submission, I will contact you with additional questions, so I don't need your life story right off the bat - though I'm sure it is fascinating :) Also, I'd prefer a url to your shop/blog/website to any attachments, but if you must attach photos, please include no more than three.

I'm certainly open to hearing about artwork from a friend of yours or an artist you admire, but in most cases I don't post about artwork without direct permission from the actual artist. So if you are making a submission on behalf of someone else, contact information is helpful.

The comments section is not the place to make a submission. I find it tacky to post self-promoting comments on blogs, especially if the post has nothing to do with your comment. I will delete spammy comments without visiting your url. Other comments are MORE than welcome. And yes, I read all of them and follow the link back to your blog or site if you have an account.

Now that you've read the guidelines, you're ready to submit! Just send me an email I look forward to hearing from you!
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