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We all find inspiration from different places. I like to read blogs - lots of blogs - and save posts I really like. Recently, I've found that my blog reader is absolutely full of inspiring things, but without any kind of a system for me to find posts I'm looking for. So that's where this little page comes in. I'll link to blog posts and sites that I find inspiring, and share them with you so you can browse when you're looking for some extra inspiration. There is no order to anything. I'll be adding to this pretty much every day. I might even add an extra topic or two, but we'll see how it goes. So keep checking back - I hope this page will help you as much as I'm sure it will help me. Happy browsing!

{Art and Design}
Drop Cap Prints (via Design Sponge)
Museum Posters as Fine Art (via ephemera assemblyman)
Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin Classics (via Apartment Therapy)
The Heads of State Travel Posters (via Design Sponge)
Tea Party Stationary (via Mint)
Distressed Alphabet Art (via Happy Together)
Kaleidoscope Patterns (via Apartment Therapy)
Hand-Cut Magazine Art (via Mint)
Business Card Inspiration (via Oh Hello Friend)
Wildlife Map Collages (via Jason LaFerrera)
Lost Prints (via Design Sponge)
Five Prints for Spring (via Apartment Therapy)
Mid-Century Modern Prints (via Paper N Stitch)
Star Wars Loteria (via chepo)

Circuit Board Shoes (via PCB Creations)
Scrabble Afghan (via Craftster)
Test Card Sweater (via specialsally)
Recycled Tote Bags (via Oh Hello Friend)
Summer Dress from a Bedsheet (via WikiHow)
Cork Vases (via Paper N Stitch)
Knit Thyroid (via Ben Cuevas)
Recycled Coffee Sleeve Wreath (via Magpie and Cake)
Schrute Farms Embroidery (via Totally Severe)
Seed Tape (via Giver's Log)
Interlocking Lego Rings (via Boing Boing)
Yoda Amigurumi (via Happy Together)
Stamped Lavender Sachets (via Design Sponge)
Terrarium from Old Picture Frames (via Country Living)
Colorful Paper Decor (via Apartment Therapy)
Felt Wreath (via The Purl Bee)
Polaroid Pillow Case (via Kind Over Matter)
Table Runner Totes (via Ikea Hacker)
Flip Flops from a Yoga Mat (via WikiHow)
Tim Gunn Embroidery (via Totally Severe)
Cityscape Made of Staples (via Boing Boing)

Sad Vader (via 20x200)
The Impossible Project (via Oh Hello Friend)
Photos Combined With Pencil Drawings (via Toxel)
Stunning Images from the Hubble Telescope (via Boing Boing)
10 Ways to Photograph Food (via Chow)
Photo Makeover (via Paper N Stitch)

{Interior Design}
Favorite Decor Etsy Stores (via Re-Nest)
Invisible Wardrobe (via Apartment Therapy)
Hunt Slonem's Home Tour (via New York Magazine)
Decorating with Large Mirrors (via Apartment Therapy)
Cherry Blossom Lantern (via Ikea Hacker)
Decorating with Painted Flowers (via Apartment Therapy)
Spool Hooks (via Design Sponge)
Octopus Chandeliers (via BellJar)
Workplace Organization Inspiration (via Apartment Therapy)
R2D2 Lamp (via Instructables)
Wall Vases (via Apartment Therapy)
Bookcase Cover Up (via Ikea Hacker)
Handmade First Home (via Apartment Therapy)
National Geographic Magazine Shelf (via Inhabitat)
Susy Pilgrim Waters (via Design Sponge)
On the Set: Sex and the City 2 (via Apartment Therapy)
Feng Shui Your Bedroom (via WikiHow)
Unique Wall Treatments in Film and Television (via Apartment Therapy)
Counter Made from Books (via Re-Nest)
Workspace Inspiration (via Paper N Stitch)
Style Your Door (via Apartment Therapy)
Table Vase (via Ikea Hacker)
Five Simple Ways to Refresh a Small Space (via Apartment Therapy)
Pop Up Paper IKEA House (via Ikea Hacker)
Furniture Design Spotlight: Yellow Diva (via Apartment Therapy)

Crafty Cakes (via Cake Wrecks)
Seven Layer Cookies (via Smitten Kitchen)
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (via Simply Recipes)
Giant Gummi Bears (via Pimp That Snack)
Database of Geeky Baked Goods (via geeksugar)
Fantasy-ish Fudge (via 101 Cookbooks)
Cheddar Cheese Puffs (via Simply Recipes)
Homemade Pop Tarts (via Smitten Kitchen)
Zombie Cake (via Cake Rhapsody)
Sushi Cupcakes (via Glue and Glitter)
Egg Drop Soup (via Simply Recipes)
Dungeons and Dragons Cake (via emilydickinsonridesabmx)
Chicken Pot Pie (via Smitten Kitchen)
Wallpaper Cookies (via Design Sponge)
French Toast (via Simply Recipes)
Raspberry Buttermilk Cake (via Smitten Kitchen)
Shortbread Buttons (via forty-sixth at grace)
Chocolate Truffles (via Simply Recipes)
Impressionist Cake (via megpi)
Peanut Butter Crispy Bars (via Smitten Kitchen)
Sushi Rice (via WikiHow)
Animal Cracker Cookies (via 101 Cookbooks)
Super Bowl Food (via Simply Recipes)

{Fashion and Style}
Origami Fashion (via CraftZine)
Spring Sweater Re-Do (via tater tots and jello)
Yarn Bangles (via BurdaStyle)
Eggcessories (via Instructables)
Tank Top Totes (via Crafty Nest)
Twister Raincoat (via Craftster)

Vintage Advertisements (via Mint)
Free Printable Vintage Typography (via Apartment Therapy)
Sci-Fi Magazine Art Gallery (via Boing Boing)
Matchbook Covers (via CraftZine)
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