Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Preparations

It seems like this time of year people are always split into two groups - the people who are all excited for Christmas and can't wait to decorate/bake/watch Christmas movies/listen to Christmas music nonstop, and those who say it's too early and we all must wait until after Thanksgiving to do these things. I used to be of the second mindset, but in recent years I've decided that I simply have too much holiday spirit to wait so long. So I'm in full on Christmas mode right now. My house is almost completely decorated on the inside and I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks now. And I've even been working on a bunch of holiday themed DIY projects to share on this blog. So this now is your warning that I'll be posting lots of holly and garland and Santa stuff here. If you don't like it then you can come back later. Okay bye.

So which group do you fall into?


  1. I love your decorations! Personally, I love Christmas, but I wait until after Thanksgiving to put up all the decorations. And when I say after Thanksgiving I mean the very next day! :D

  2. My view changes year to year. I like to give all the holidays their time in the sun, but it really just depends on how I'm feeling the day I hear "Last Christmas" for the first time on accident, or order a drink in a red Starbuck's cup.


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