Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Cupcakes: 4 Ways

Halloween is almost here and it's one of my favorite holidays ever so I decided it would be time to start sharing some Halloween themed posts here. Last year, my mom and I worked on a lot of party-related projects together, including some really awesome cupcakes. I thought they were a little too cute not to share here, so here you go:

you'll need: 
  • a sheet of caramel to cover the cupcake 
  • half a green Dots candy for the stem 
  • chocolate chips for the face (and a tiny bit of frosting to make them stick - or you can heat up the caramel in the microwave for a few seconds) 

Black Cat 
you'll need: 
  • black or brown sprinkles to cover the cupcake 
  • colored candies for the eyes and nose 
  • long white sprinkles for the whiskers 
  • a pretzel twist broken in half for the ears 

you'll need: 
  • white sugar or sprinkles (or just plain white frosting) to cover the cupcake 
  • chocolate chips for the eyes and nose 
  • 3 marshmallows cut in half for the teeth 

you'll need: 
  • green sprinkles to cover the cupcake 
  • 2 red M&M's for the eyes 
  • 2 orange Dots candies for the neck 
  • a caramel sheet for the hair 
  • black gel frosting to cover the hair, mouth, eyebrows and scar 

Almost too cute to eat, right? Do you have any favorite Halloween desserts?


  1. These are all SO FREAKING CUTE. I almost don't want to eat them. Almost.


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