Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Costume Roundup

Making costumes is possibly my favorite thing to do in the whole entire world. As a kid I basically lived for Halloween and nothing has really changed. I've shared a lot of my homemade costumes on this blog over the last few years, and I've actually never done a roundup post of my favorites (except for this one of pretty much every Harry Potter costume possible). So if you're looking for some costume inspiration, here are some of my super random and weird and often poorly-photographed creations from the past few years. This doesn't include any Harry Potter ones, but seriously, Harry Potter is great, and you should check out this post too. That is all.

Charlie Brown // Effie Trinket // unicorn  // Mrs. Potts // Stewie Griffin // Madeline  // Slinky Dog and other Toy Story 3 characters // Marge Simpson // Mr. Potato Head

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