Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My New(ish) Gallery Wall

I have a problem, guys. I seriously can't stop re-decorating my living room. Last week I decided that the few paintings I had hanging on the wall above my TV had to go and it was about an hour before I thought the wall looked too bare and I decided just to throw everything I had up there. The result was this gallery wall kind of thing that is still definitely a work in progress but I'm sort of liking it.

It includes: a map of Middle Earth, my DIY pom pom wall art, a black and white print of my friends, two vintage fashion advertisements, an embroidered bird hoop, three postcards that I bought from Renegade Chicago a few years ago (I can't remember the seller though - let me know if you recognize them!), another vintage postcard, my DIY light up constellation canvas, and another picture of my friends.

So basically now I'm just looking for a few little things to fill in the rest and then maybe I'll be satisfied? Probably not, but we'll see.  What do you think?

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