Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Girls Night with Barefoot Refresh

*The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine and Bubbly for this review.

Earlier this week, I received some free samples of a new wine product from Barefoot Wine to review. Free wine? Yes please! However, I always get a little nervous about doing traditional product reviews, especially for food and drinks, because I tend to just like everything and I don't want to say boring things like "it was really good." So I had a few of my girlfriends over for a wine tasting shindig. They helped me come up with some more interesting things to say.

Before we get to the fun part, I'll tell you a little about Barefoot Refresh. The wine comes in four varieties: Crisp White, Sweet White, Summer Red, and Perfectly Pink. Each one is a mixture of different wines and flavors. The two I chose were Crisp White (Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc) and Summer Red (Pinot Noir Rose blended with Moscato).

I shared both varieties with my girlfriends and the feedback was really positive (so this isn't just a result of me liking everything)! Some of the ways everyone described their Barefoot Refresh experience: "sweet, but not too sweet," "perfect for people who might not like regular wine," (but most of my friends are wine lovers, so they liked it too), and of course: "refreshing." Basically, it was almost like a mixture of wine and fruity drinks in that it actually quenched my thirst a little bit and was great, whereas regular wine is just great.

We enjoyed our drinks with just a fun night of eating doughnuts, talking about TV shows, and smashing the patriarchy. I love a good girls' night in, and I'm pretty sure that Barefoot Refresh was a perfect complement to it. None of us are exactly "wine snobs" but we love enjoying some delicious beverages every now and again (read: all the time). So long story short: highly recommended.


  1. Sweet but not too sweet!? I'm going to have to get my hands on some of this for Pride & Prejudice & Brie night xD

  2. Pride and Prejudice and Brie night is definitely a thing I am interested in.


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