Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

This project gives you a really fun and different way to display photos, and makes it really easy to switch out new photos every once in awhile if you so choose. It's also great for polaroids or other weirdly shaped photos that don't fit into traditional frames.

What you need:
  • an embroidery hoop
  • yarn
  • paperclips
  • photos


Start by tying about six strands of yarn (mine are about 4 inches long each) to the inner circle of the embroidery hoop. Then tie paperclips to the ends of each strand of yarn. Attach the outer circle of the embroidery hoop and tie one strand of yarn (about 1 1/2 the diameter of your hoop) to opposite ends of the hoop. Then take another strand of yarn that's the same length and tie it perpendicular to the first strand. Attach your photos to the paperclips and then hang the hoop from a ceiling hook using both of the top strands of yarn. Done! I'm really liking how it looks and how easy it will be to add new photos all the time.


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