Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Embroidered Flower Shoes

So I'm still working through my huge collection of canvas shoes, and I have a lot of ideas for how to spruce them up. Here's another simple idea that just takes a pair of shoes, some embroidery floss and a needle.

Decide where on your shoes you'd like to add some flowers. Take your main color of embroidery floss and make about four 1/2 inch stitches right next to each other, then make four more running across perpendicular. Take your second color and make four stitches running diagonally just covering the middle where the two other sections intersect. Then you can take some green (or whatever color) and just make a little leaf running from the center out in between two of the petals. Cover as much of the shoes as you'd like. I did a few different colored flowers but kept them along the sides. I think I might add some more throughout the rest of the shoes. What do you think?

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