Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Crop Top

I'm doing this thing lately where I'm trying to take more chances on things that make me a little nervous instead of wearing the same old things over and over again. I already tried a cutout dress and a beehive, and now it's time for a crop top.

This isn't much of a tutorial because it's so easy. You really just need to pick out a top that you want to cut. Try it on and find a length that you're comfortable with. Make a small mark on each side of the shirt, then use the edge of a table or another flat surface and cut off the bottom of the shirt. If you use a regular t-shirt, you shouldn't need to do anything to the ends because it should just fold over onto itself. Just make a few small stitches along the seems to hold the ends in place and you're done!

Since this isn't a thing I would normally wear, I found that wearing it over a dress or with a very high-waisted skirt or jeans makes it easier. Have you tried out this trend before? What do you think?


  1. cute! What a neat idea, I am loving your gusto with trying out new things, well done!

  2. Nicely done. I love a good crop top but only if I'm wearing something quite high waisted to go with it :)


  3. I work with a girl who pairs crop tops with high-waisted pencil skirts, and always looks fab!


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