Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swap Party

I have this problem where sometimes my closet gets really full and I have no idea how it happens (*looks around to see if anyone is rolling their eyes at me*). My hoarder-in-training status makes it really difficult to get rid of my clothes, even the ones I don't ever wear, because you know one day in like 17 years I might want to wear that or make it into a scarf or something you never know so better keep it just to be safe. Can you relate to this or am I just insane? Either way, I always think it's a little easier to get rid of something if it's more of a trade deal. That's why my friends and I periodically have clothes swaps. Here's how it works.

We all get together and bring bags of clothes we no longer wear. Sometimes we also have swaps for things like (unused) makeup and accessories and home items. We sit in a circle and dump a few bags at a time in the middle of the circle and everyone pretty much just has a free-for-all. I'm sure there are more organized ways to do this, but it works for us and no one has punched anyone else in the face yet. Once everyone has picked through that set, we go through the remainder one at a time to make sure no one missed anything then move onto the next bags. Whatever is left at the end gets donated.

It's a really great way to clean out your closet and get new stuff at the same time. It doesn't really do too much to solve my overflowing closet conundrum though. But at least I have cuter stuff to wear! Have you ever had a swap party?

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