Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Cutout Dress

I've seen a lot of dresses lately that have little cutout sections around the middle. Wearing one of these is both intriguing and terrifying to me. So rather than spend a lot of money on something I never wear, I decided to make my own out of a dress I already had.

All you need for this project is a dress, some scissors, a template if you choose, and either a needle and thread or some anti-fraying solution. It's difficult to give specific instructions for this project, because it sort of depends on the dress you have and how much skin you're comfortable showing. But the basic gist is easy enough - cut out a small section from the middle of your dress, then use one of these methods to keep it from fraying. Mine's still a work in progress too - I think I might need to try it with a different dress because this one is slightly awkward. But overall the idea isn't as bad as I had originally thought.

So what do you think? Y/N? And would/have you tried the cutout trend?


  1. ohmy!!! This is TOO CUTE!! I love all your clever diy's Annie!!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm still a little nervous about actually wearing it in public, but the encouragement definitely helps!

  3. what a great idea! This looks, thankfully, super easy!

  4. Super cute! I assure you no-one wants to see my belly, but you're totally rockin' it!

    However, I think I have this same dress from Target? And I like how you cut the ruffles off the front. I love the chambray, but I never wear it b/c the ruffles annoy me. You've inspired me to just cut those bad boys off. Thanks!

    julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville


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