Sunday, July 14, 2013

Craft Night Project: Compliment Jars

Earlier this month, my friend Whitney came up with the genius idea for our group of friends to make jars that we fill with compliments from one another. Everyone is their own harshest critic on most days, so it's nice to have little reminders from other people about the things that make you awesome. So at our monthly craft night this weekend, we all decorated jars and wrote out compliments to one another.

Most of us didn't really get too into the decorating, but we used stickers, paint, ribbon, washi tape, and basically whatever else was lying around to just make them kind of personal to each of us. Then we put little notes in each other's jars and read them to ourselves.

It's super cheesy, but cheesy things are my favorite. And it's really nice to just have those reminders around on days when you feel completely useless. It's also a reminder that I have the coolest girlfriends anyone could ask for


  1. This is such a wonderful, wonderful idea for a craft night with friends :)

  2. These are so cute! My co-workers and I recently made a 'Sass Jar' to take the edge off a currently crazy work situation. It's been fun but I like your positive spin better.


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