Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life Lately

I decided to change up the way I do my monthly wrapup/lately posts because I don't really want to talk about myself quiiite that much. So here it is: one all-encompassing post with regurgitated instagram pics, boring life updates, and links I found throughout the month.

Lately I've been:
  • Feeling: sick (just for a few days) // hungry (always) // really happy with my life and all the people in it
  • Working on: lots of DIY projects for my apartment // creating an actual budget to keep my spending in check (a.k.a. I need a beer allowance)
  • Missing: being at the lake with my friends // practicing yoga regularly
  • Looking forward to: going to Chicago later this month // more nights out with friends
  • Watching: I recently finished s1 of Girls and s2 of Veronica Mars so I'm going to continue with those two, but I'm also looking for some good shows that are on Netflix so give me some recommendations!
  • Reading: Paper Towns by John Green and I just ordered Divergent/Insurgent so I'm pretty excited to finally start that series
  • Eating: ice cream pretty much every single day

Goals for July:
  • Save money! 
  • Clean out my closet and the rest of my apartment so I can have a swap with friends and then get rid of the rest at a garage sale later this year
  • Finally actually really really launch my vintage shop

Fun Links:


  1. Ooo, a good Netflix series is Battlestar Galactica! The re-imagined version, with female Starbuck who is literally my emotional twin. I have two... Kara Starbuck Thrace and Sookie Stackhouse. They're both so much like me, it's scary. I love that yellow drink you have, reminds me of butter beer!

  2. Love your instagrams! Especially the ice cream. I've been doing DIYs for my new apartment too, though I haven't quite yet come up with a spending budget either.

  3. Wow I keep forgetting to fix my reply system, but I'm tired so just going to do it here for now...

    Angie: Thanks, I've actually been meaning to get into Battlestar Gallactica for awhile, and I always forget about it when I'm actually ready for a new show. I think I'll start it tomorrow! And the drink is actually a beermosa which is just beer and orange juice but it's great (almost as great as butterbeer).

    Angela: Thank you! And let me know if you ever come up with a budgeting system that works. I'm so bad at this game :-/


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