Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Carnival Photo Booth

I mentioned my carnival-themed Relay for Life in an earlier post, and I have another quick DIY project that I worked on for that event - an easy photo backdrop!

What you need:
  • printer/paper
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string
  • fabric tablecloth
  • fishing line

The idea behind this photo booth was to give people a few different choices, all being different old timey sideshow attractions. So I made a couple of different "captions" like: "The Firebreather," "The Bearded Lady," and "The Giant."

To make the captions, I printed the words using Rosewood STD Regular font - you can really use whatever font you want, but it's a pretty carnival-like one that is already installed on a lot of computers. Once the words are printed, cut out each letter and punch holes in the top corners of each one. Use your string to tie each letter together, leaving about an inch in between each one. You can manipulate the sizes to go with each caption - for example, I made "The Giant" smaller than the other captions so that it would make the people in those photos look bigger by comparison.

Use a large tablecloth or fabric and hang it on some fishing line to serve as the backdrop. Then hang up the captions toward the top so that they can be changed out easily. You can even make little props that go with each of the captions like a beard or some fire or a really small dumbbell.

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