Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hide Awkward Bangs With Vintage-Inspired Curls

I have a problem that I'm pretty sure a lot of you ladies can relate to... I cut my own bangs all the time. It never goes extraordinarily well, and I always tell myself I'll never do it again. But then a few months later I think "it can't be that hard, and I really want bangs again." So I've basically spent my whole life with bangs that are an awkward length. The upside of this is that I have discovered a lot of ways to hide awkward bangs. Here's my current favorite.

All you need for this is a flat iron, a bobby pin, and maybe some hairspray. You could get similar results using a small curling iron instead of a flat iron if you prefer.

Start by taking your bangs and a small section of the hair around them (should be about a 2in x 1in section) and use your straightener to flip the hair out away from your face, holding the straightener almost parallel with the floor (shown in the second photo). When making curls with your straightener, you should move it through your hair slowly - if you want a more in-depth tutorial into flat iron curls, you can check this video. Do this for just about the first 2 inches of hair, starting at the scalp.

Directly after that, rotate the flat iron so that you're curling the hair just beneath that in toward your face, holding the straightener at about a 45 degree angle (shown in the third photo). 

At the place where your curl changes direction, take the front section of your bangs and pin it back with a bobby pin (shown in the fourth photo). Then curl the rest of the hair around your face under using your flat iron (shown in the fifth photo). Use hairspray to hold it in place if necessary and that's it! The idea is that your awkward bangs will be hidden under the rest of your hair that's  curled under. It should look something like this:

Do you have any other tips for hiding awkward bangs?


  1. I'll have to try this out! Since I shaved my head a few years ago, I've had more than my share of awkward stages. My favorite is probably the pompadour and all it's incarnations.

    1. I've always kind of wanted to shave my head, but clearly I can't even handle a simple bangs trim. You are much braver than I.

  2. Great!!!
    You should do sooo many more of these post!! (:
    <3 alyssa @ burnttoastandsoggycereal.blogspot.com

    1. I will try! Maybe I'll start an awkward-length bangs series... I just worry that I'm bad at explaining hair things.


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