Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Washi Tape Heels

So I admit I might have a little bit of an unhealthy addiction to washi tape. I know I've used this particular kind of tape for a nearly unacceptable amount of projects on this blog, so we're just going to pretend like that's not the case. So here's one more project with it - a way to easily spruce up your heels.

What you need:
  • heels
  • washi tape
  • glossy mod podge and a paintbrush

For this project, you'll want to pick out a sort of abstract pattern for your washi tape. Polka dots are fine, but you'll want to stay away from patterns like stripes because they won't all go together. Start by wrapping the tape around the heel of your shoe. Then tape around the top of the heel area as shown, working your way to the middle and tearing the tape as necessary to make it all fit together.


Once the whole heel area is filled in, you can go over the whole area with mod podge to make sure it stays in place. If you want your tape-heels to just be temporary then you can skip this step. But my washi tape needed some assistance staying in place anyway and I didn't want to lose a bunch of tape from my shoes as I walked around.

So that's it! Now you have a pair of shoes that still go with everything, but have a little more pizazz underneath.


  1. Oh my, what a fun project! I'm always amazed at what you crafty ladies do with washi tape!


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