Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cool Stuff

I'm currently on vacation (pretending it's spring break even though I'm not a student) in Florida for the week. So life's full of sun, baseball, and puppies for me. But I thought I'd share some links just in case you're not having quite as great a time as I am.

  • Giant s'mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies, get in my mouth.
  • I've been wanting to get into fashion sketching for awhile so this guide for beginners should prove to be pretty useful.
  • Hey Girl Detroit. I meant to post this several weeks ago - If you're from Detroit and a fan of Ryan Gosling (so... if you're from Detroit and are a human female), you'll love it.
  • This might have hit a little close to home lately: Sometimes you just want to get drunk...
  • Remember Karen Walker from Will and Grace? Yeah, she's basically my hero. So obviously I love this post about how to be like her
  • Someone actually made a wreath out of old NSYNC posters and I think that's awesome.
  • There's a Kickstarter project to help a local artists' market stay open through the week. The Rust Belt is a really neat place, and if you live near Detroit or if you just like supporting independent creators, it would be awesome if you donated (I did!)
  • And finally... Happy Pi Day! This is one of my favorite holidays. We're only eating round foods today, so lots of cookies and pies and entire pizzas (you can see why I love it now...) Here you can brush up on the digits of pi. Currently I have just 11 memorized, so I need to step up my game.

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  1. Aww yay your in my area of the United States! Hope you are having fun adn its not to crazy for you! Its spring break for colleges here this week :o so sorry if its a little busy! :P


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