Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back to Blogging

For a few months now, I've been feeling a little worn-out of this whole blog thing. I've still been posting semi(?)-regularly, but I just haven't felt like I was really into it. I know we all go through this sometimes, so I didn't think much of it. I just waited to feel inspired or whatever again, but it just wasn't happening. So instead of just quitting or letting my lack of initiative get the best of me, I decided to put on my big girl pants and make it happen. Here's how I got back into blogging.

this is normally how I blog - on my couch in a blanket and hoodie, normally without that scowl though...

Visit old favorites - I took some time to visit some of my favorite blogs and just go through like 5 pages at a time, looking at each posts and coming up with some new ideas. This isn't about copying actual post topics or anything, but just noticing how each post goes together, how many are part of series and how many are just original ideas. Some posts even trigger ideas for completely different topics.

Write everything down - I started setting aside time to write down a post for each day. Sometimes I actually followed through with these, and sometimes I didn't. But I found that I was more likely to post if I got to cross it off my to-do list. And I kept my planner with me at all times to write down new ideas for DIY projects or whatever I could post about.

Take a million photos - This one probably helped the most. I tried taking my camera with me pretty much everywhere I could. And even just around my apartment, I took photos of everything. Things that I would have normally thought were really boring ended up spurring ideas for new posts.

Follow others - Other people are cool, and often times they come up with better ideas than you (by you I really mean me). So by following other people on Twitter or Bloglovin or whatever, you can find some really cool posts or ideas to link to. I always love reading link roundup posts because I find new blogs and interesting articles. I now keep a running list of these links in my browser for a rainy day.

Have a life - You'll never have anything to blog about if you don't ever do anything. And even if you don't blog about your own life, getting out and taking a break from sitting around wondering what to blog about can still be a huge help.

So now I'm back "into" blogging and I actually like it again. Phew. Do you have any other tips for how to really get out of a blogging rut?

P.S. I know everyone knows that Google Reader is about to shut down. If you feel like keeping up your subscription to this blog you might consider Bloglovin... I've also heard good things about Feedly - any other options out there??


  1. I'm switching to bloglovin'. I decided to make my move back into blogging last week--after really doing everything half heartedly for awhile. I agree that getting inspiration from other blogs is great, and so is having a life! For awhile I was just working and not doing anything fun, it's like a cycle of uninspired-ness.

    1. same! so important to do other things. I think I'm switching to Bloglovin too.

  2. I tried Feedly and Bloglovin' (as well as a couple of others) but couldn't really get behind the functionality. They were both a little too design-y for me, if that makes sense. I guess I was just looking for an exact replicant of Google Reader.

    Luckily, I found The Old Reader. The name is kind of... well, stupid, but I'm a big fan of it so far. It runs pretty much exactly like GR does but the design is a little cleaner. I'm a fan! Have you decided what you're switching too yet?

    1. I'm trying Bloglovin right now. I've had one for awhile but I never actually started using it over Google Reader. I'm undecided so far because I haven't really looked into anything else. I'll probably try out the old reader though.

  3. Great post! I've been through this phase too and I'm trying hard to get back on track. These are really helpful tips. I'm starting to re-evaluating the purpose and the style of my blog.
    I've been following your blog through Bloglovin' too for quite some time now. I think that it's great that through it you can visit the actual blog and see its design rather than just read plain posts such as on Google Reader. Plus, you help increase each blog's number of visits. :-)


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