Monday, March 4, 2013

26 Before 26

Well, I'm a little late with this post since it was my birthday weekend and I was out having fun (and then paying for it yesterday). But it was a really great birthday and now it's over so I'm sad. I also don't want to talk about how scary it was putting "26" in the title of this post. Pretty sure I'm still like 19, right? Oh well, here are a list of things I would like to do before I reach that scary number. 
  1. Go on an adventure - skydiving, hot air balloon ride, mountain climbing - just something exciting that I've never done before and will scare me a little (a lot) and make for a cool story later. 
  2. Try a bunch of new cocktail recipes - because why not?
  3. Take some kind of class to learn a new skill - cooking, swing dancing, underwater basket weaving??
  4. Travel to Europe - I have been talking about doing this, and I'm not sure If I necessarily can this year but I am really going to try, and if not I at least need to get my passport and go SOMEWHERE.
  5. Take a semi-spontaneous road trip - This will require me to have less than a month to plan every detail.
  6. Create a video scrapbook - or just, like, take a bunch of videos of my friends being hilarious and put some music behind it so I we can watch it when we're feeling like garbage.
  7. Read regularly - I made a numerical goal for this one last year, but let's be real, counting isn't my thing. So I should just try to read every night instead of sitting on the internet and letting my brain rot.
  8. Post some recipes on the blog - because I currently have no incentive to make anything in my kitchen and I'm a pretty useless cook.
  9. Pay off my credit card debt - I don't need to explain this, right?
  10. Host more parties - Also, why not?
  11. Learn more about wine/have a wine tasting - Time to graduate from the boxes (or not??) (I'm just kidding I don't drink boxed wine (or do I?))
  12. Move out of my hometown - Because the world is a big place and I am lazy.
  13. Volunteer - My life is pretty good, so I should use that to help people who have lives that aren't that great.
  14. Get another tattoo - Or a few. Whatever.
  15. Shop less - My closets are already filled to the brim.
  16. Get better at taking photos - I still don't want to be a ~photographer, but I should learn how to use my camera and take better blog/shop photos.
  17. Take more photos - I've been better at this recently, but a lot of the photos I take are just at my apartment because I'm too lazy to take my camera anywhere and that's kind of boring.
  18. Get back into drawing and painting - Just because.
  19. Visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula - Pretty sure this has been on my list several times and has still not happened. I'm an embarrassment to Michigan.
  20. Go camping with friends - Same.
  21. Learn how to play a song on an instrument - Any song. Any instrument. I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for myself. 
  22. Open a vintage shop/sell some of my vintage clothing - This is more about getting rid of things than making money because of aforementioned overflowing closets, so I'm not exactly sure if I'll open an official shop or go another route. 
  23. Stop trying to do so much - I put a lot of pressure on myself and worry about a lot of things and I'm sure it does more harm than good.
  24. Go to a movie or out to eat or something by myself - Because this really scares me but sometimes I want to see a movie that no one else wants to see or eat food that no one else wants to eat.
  25. Be more intentional with my money - I'd like to use it more for traveling and necessities rather than just spending it on fast food cravings and beer.
  26. Act my age (sort of) - I know a lot of people have really lofty personal goals for their mid-20's but I think 25 is still pretty young and I don't want to grow up too fast (or at all, let's be honest).

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