Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Light Display Box

After Christmas, I always have so many extra boxes lying around. Of course, I have a lot of things I could put into said boxes, but I usually prefer my existing method of organized chaos. So the dilemma becomes what to do with the empty boxes. Here’s one idea. A Light Display Box

What you need:
  • cardboard shoe box 
  • battery powered led light strand 
  • tissue paper 
  • tape or glue 

Start by taping your strand of lights around the inner rim of the box. Place a sheet of tissue paper under your box and make cuts from the corners so that the paper can be folded into the box. You can use tape or glue to secure the tissue paper around the inside of the box. I made the paper a little messy so that you couldn’t see the tape. Also, you’ll need to make sure that the battery switch for the lights is easily accessible once everything is in place. The lights should all be inside the tissue paper but still visible when turned on.

 Place small items you want displayed inside the box and turn on the lights for a cool effect. Now you’ve found a cool use for your old boxes AND some Christmas lights – win/win!

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