Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Simple Styrofoam Snowmen

These little snowmen are really cute decorations to put around during the holiday season, and they're so easy. All you need are two or three styrofoam balls in different sizes, scissors, hot glue, and a couple of yarn scraps.

Start by cutting into the sytrofoam just a bit to make a flat surface. You'll need to do this on two opposite ends of the sphere except for the smallest one, which will just need one flat surface. You could even use sandpaper if you find that easier than scissors. Glue the two or three pieces together and let it dry. Then, using your glue gun, create eyes, a nose, and some button embellishments on the front of the snowman. You can paint over these later if you want to, but I kind of like the way they look as is.

Then take a short scrap of yarn and wrap it around the neck a few times to make a scarf. Glue it and place and you're done! You can continue adding other embellishments like a hat and arms if you'd like, but I think these are just really simple and cute without anything else.

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  1. cute snowmen DIY and so easy to make too!
    Thank you for following my blog, all the best in the new year! I will be posting more DIY projects, daily inspirations, knitting projects, tutorials and more.
    Lisa :)


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