Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snowglobe Craft Night

This weekend, my girl friends and I had our monthly craft night. My friend Molly hosted, and it was probably one of the cutest crafts we've ever done - little snow man snowglobes!

The project was actually really easy even though it ends up looking really awesome. We used glow-in-the-dark clay to make the little snowmen, baked them in the oven, and then drew little faces on them and made hats and scarves out of pipe cleaners. The globe itself is an upside down mason jar. So once the snowman is done, you just glue it to the jar lid (we had some fancy glitter paper lining the lid as well as some little bells so that the globe jingles when you shake it).

Then we used white liquid paint to add the "snow" to the top of the jars, and glitter paint and little plastic snowflakes to decorate the jars.

I'm so excited to display this throughout Christmas season! Do you have any fun craft projects planned for the holidays?


  1. So cute! I am just too excited to start Christmas crafting. It's our first Christmas in our own apartment so you bet there will be tons of crafts ;P


    1. Same! It's my first Christmas away from home/with no roommates so I'm excited to decorate HOWEVER I want, and it'll obviously involve a lot of handmade stuff!

  2. Hi Annie :) I just discovered your blog and it's so cute! Especially this post -- love it! I think I made a snow globe similar to this in grade school at some point. Preeeeeetty sure my mom still displays it proudly at this time of year, hah! Anyway, looking forward to reading more from your blog!

    p.s. I blog in the murder-mitten too! ;) :) Gotta love it here. :)


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