Monday, October 1, 2012

September Craft Night

This weekend, my girl friends and I got together for our monthly book club meeting/craft night. I think we've all but given up on the book part of it since half of us don't read the chosen book (and I don't even think we decided on a book to discuss for this particular meeting). But the craft part was really fun!

My friend Katelyn was the hostess this time, and she got these really cool glass candle holders from the dollar store, and then gathered/bought some fall leaves that we Mod Podged (yes, I just used it as a verb) onto the candle holder. It was a really neat fall craft that I can now put out in my apartment.

And of course we had lots of good food and wine and girl talk. But seriously, I think we need to get back on track with the book club. Leave me some book suggestions in the comments, please!

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