Monday, October 22, 2012

Muppet Hats Vol. 2

Remember my Muppet hats? That was probably my favorite set that I've ever made and to this day it's the most popular post on this blog. Well, turns out that I wasn't done with just ten. I recently made a few more as part of a set that will be used for a school play - I'm really excited!

Dr. Teeth - The leader of The Electric Mayhem turned out to be my favorite hat of the entire set! Like most, he's just made with acrylic yarn and felt facial features, but I used a funky, sparkly orange fringe yarn for the facial hair.

Floyd - I think this one is my second favorite. I used the same type of yarn for Floyd's facial hair and eyebrows.

Janice - The hat itself was pretty straightforward. I had to look around a bit for a wig that would work, but thank goodness Lady Gaga is still a popular Halloween costume haha. She usually pulls back her bangs or wears a beret, but it was a little difficult to get that look lying flat. I think you get the idea though.

Scooter - He is one of my favorite Muppets, but one of the most difficult hats I've had to design, even though he looks relatively simple. All the facial features are just made of felt, but I tried to stitch the mouth on so that the nose area stuck out a little more when the hat is actually on a head. Again, this is a little difficult to portray when lying flat.

When I get some time, I might actually make a few more. I might have a problem actually, but I'm happy with how these turned out and I'm hoping to get a few photos of them in action. I'll definitely share them if I do!


  1. Holy crap, Annie! These are spectacular!

  2. Gaah! Fantastic! I love your crazy character hats :D

  3. Spectacular is right!
    Delightful hats, Annie!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I am in awe. I LOVE Floyd soooo much. (Although Dr. Teeth is equally awesome.)


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