Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Charlie Brown Costume

You all know I like to make as many costumes as possible for Halloween. This year I was feeling really uninspired up until the last minute, when I found this awesome Charlie Brown shirt. I was actually planning on making a whole set of Peanuts hats in time for Christmas this year, so I decided to just get an early start and go as Charlie for Halloween this year.

photo via peanuts wiki

I knit the hat and used felt to cut out the facial features and stitch them on. Like I said, I bought this shirt, but you could easily use fabric paint to make your own. Then you just need black shorts (or rolled up pants if it's cold), yellow socks, and some brown shoes. So easy! How did I do? And what are you planning on being for Halloween this year?

Photo via Jocelyn

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  1. You look adorable. Your hats are the best! I had two costumes this year—an N7/Mass Effect casual outfit and Red Pen, an editing superhero. (I'm an editor in my daily life.) :)


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