Monday, August 27, 2012

The Wattlebird Shop is Back!

Hi guys! I'm happy to announce that after months about going back and forth considering what to do with my Etsy shop, I've finally re-opened for the fall and winter seasons. Instead of including some of my vintage collection and a variety of handmade goodness, I've decided to just list my knit hats and accessories for now, since I have a huge stock of them and I need to focus my time wisely. Once the busy seasons pass and I get a better handle on my freelance jobs, I do still hope to open a more in-depth shop either on Etsy or another platform. But for now, you can visit Wattlebird on Etsy and buy some knit accessories perfect for Halloween costumes for kids and fun adults!

Also, you might have noticed my fancy new banner on Etsy and this fancy new blog design. I'm still putting up some finishing touches as far as links and attribution, but I'm really loving it AND it'll be easy for me to customize this design's color scheme for all the different seasons. I hope that'll at least partially quench my thirst for a new blog design every other month. What do you think? AND do you have any suggestions for other knit shop items? I have a lot left to list, but I'll be doing that throughout the coming week.

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  1. eeeeep!! What acute little pumpkin hat!!! PS I LOVE your new blog look!! :) xo


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