Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So Many Goals

Since it's a little more than halfway through the year and halfway through the summer, it seems like a good time to check in on some of my goal lists that I've posted here. I need to get better about checking in on these more often. I think I'm going to actually print them out and keep them somewhere visible in my apartment so I just have constant reminders about what I'm trying to accomplish. But for now, I'll hold myself accountable here...

(success is marked with italics and everything left is a big fat fail)

Summer Goals

  • Buy a bike and go on regular bike rides: no and no. I did look around for a bike at quite a few garage sales, but I had no luck and I kind of gave up. Tomorrow starts the bike shopping reboot.
  • Go on an amusement park trip with my friends: not yet, but we have a plan. In a few weeks, we're heading to Cedar Point for our annual two-day mini vacation. I'm so excited!
  • Spend a day at the beach: kind of. I spent a lot of time on the water when I went out to my friend's lake house, but that hardly counts as a beach. I need to build a sandcastle for it to count. 
  • Have a massive water fight: kind of. We had what I'd call a medium-sized water fight. Time to man up.
  • Plant a small garden: done! I planted a little windowsill garden in my kitchen with basil, parsley, mint, lavender, dill, and some flowers. It makes me happy every time I go into my kitchen.
  • Visit a winery with my girlfriends: nope. We've discussed it but have no solid plans yet.
  • Go on a road trip: not really. I've gone on a few overnight trips but I need to find some serious tourist traps for this one to count. 
  • Mimosas for breakfast: done! It is customary on our annual lake trip to have mimosas each morning, and I also went to a fancy brunch last week where they served bottomless mimosas! That will obviously need to become a regular thing. 
  • Shop at farmer's markets: nope. This Thursday, I think I'll go to the one in my town.
  • Capture more everyday moments with my camera: yes! I've been doing pretty well with this goal, both with photo and video. I'm going to compile a really awesome video at the end of the summer, I think!
  • Go on a picnic or two or three: one! I went to an outdoor concert with my family last week and we packed a picnic in my cute vintage basket. It rained on us but it was still delicious and fun. 
  • Go to an outdoor concert: done! See above. 
  • Visit art fairs around Michigan: not yet, but all the good ones in my area are still to come.
  • Hang out in a hammock: nope. Unfortunately, I don't actually know anyone with a hammock. This needs to change, or else I'll just buy one and put it in my dining room. 
  • Make a great sidewalk chalk mural: nope, but I did buy the chalk!
  • Go on a camping and canoeing trip: nope. 
  • Find some treasures at garage sales and antique stores: done! Absolutely. I actually feel like this is all I've done this summer...

New Years Resolutions

  • Photography: I haven't done much work on this goal this year. I feel like I've soooorrrrrt of improved my photography just through finding better lighting and backgrounds, but I've hardly learned anything about my camera. Every time I try reading tutorials I get sleepy or distracted. 
  • Organization: I think I can count this one as a relative success so far this year. I'm so in love with my Erin Condren life planner that I think I might marry it. I also was forced to clean up my craft stash a bit due to moving and I've had to keep it neater due to living in a <700 square foot apartment. The craft closet is still a bit of a disaster area, but not nearly as bad as the craft room at my house was.
  • Blog/Shop: This is half and half, I would say. I'm fairly happy with this blog and the fact that I've gotten back to doing more crafty posts (though fewer in the summer, I will admit), but I just have not had time to re-open my shop. I really really want to though.
  • Living Space: This one is a success. I've moved to an apartment where I really feel comfortable and I've been able to make it my own. So many people warned me that living alone is hard, but I really love it!
  • Health: I'm on the right track with this goal. I've definitely been eating more veggies and "real" food. I just need to keep improving at the same pace and I think I can count this one a success.
  • Fun: Yes! I think I've had way more fun this year than I did last year. My friends and I have spent a lot more time together and I've been able to enjoy more of it since I'm working from home full time.

25 Before 25

  1. Create a short stop-motion film: yes! I've made quite a few with my phone actually. I feel like that's cheating, but they actually come out pretty well.
  2. Re-open my shop with a whole lot of new vintage and handmade items: nope. Blerg, I keep putting this off for work reasons. At the VERY LEAST I will be open for Halloween and Christmas with all my sill hats that I've already made. 
  3. Try bikram yoga: nope. 
  4. Bake a really good chicken pot pie: nope, but I did make a mediocre one. 
  5. Watch all of the movies nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards before the show: nope, not possible just yet. 
  6. Launch a new lifestyle blog with my friends: done!
  7. Attempt NaNoWriMo: nope, but this is also not possible just yet.
  8. Plant a garden: done! Double dipping goal lists here...
  9. Get my passport: nope. 
  10. Take a trip somewhere with my girlfriends, probably Vegas, but we'll see: not yet, but the tickets have been bought! September can't come soon enough!
  11. Volunteer somewhere: nope.
  12. Brush up on my Spanish language skills (which are basically non-existent at the moment): nope.
  13. Read at least 40 books: not yet, but I've been keeping a decent pace.
  14. Do at least 1 crafty/DIY project on this blog every week: not exactly, but I've done quite a few.
  15. Find a cool apartment and move there: done!
  16. Visit a Michigan winery: nope, double dipping goal lists again...
  17. Write and plan an entire murder mystery dinner party: not yet, but this is happening. I'm writing it now.
  18. Bake bread from scratch: nope.
  19. Throw a Hunger Games party: nope. However, I did help out with one at the library where my friend works. If I can't throw one by my birthday next year I might just let that count...
  20. Participate in Relay for Life again: done!
  21. Sew a dress using a pattern and not taking any shortcuts: nope.
  22. Get another tattoo: nope.
  23. Come up with a really creative Halloween costume: not yet.
  24. Take some kind of class so I can learn a new skill: nope.
  25. Go see a musical or play: nope.

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  1. love this post! I'm totally a list maker like this too! xo


  2. printing them soounds like a VERY good idea. i think i'll do that for mine too. thanks for the idea :] and lovely lists of goals you got there.

  3. Hey! I am normally a list maker 2!
    Found your blog through LA's Freckled Nest. I love your projects. :)
    As to your summer goals, I have bought a new bicycle with the money I made by organizing a Garage Sale on my neighborhood. It was the best thing I did. I use it every day to go to work and you know what? I feel so much healthier...!

    As to your New Year resolutions, I am also investing on photography... I have now done quite a few jobs for clients and I've been having a blast. Once again, I got my professional camera from my garage sales on my neighborhood... :)

    well... Ill keep on coming here*
    Your blog is just my kind of thing.

    xoxo, Ana Luisa


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