Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dinner at Downton

Today I have some great news for anyone who loves great TV shows. My friend Megan from Flawed Perfection Jewelry has created an entire line of pieces inspired by the colors of Downton Abbey!

She has come up with several different colorways that are inspired by many of the characters, and it just so happens that my favorite characters match up perfectly with my favorite color combinations. I think she did an incredible job of choosing these:

Mary is the oldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham. I was a little skeptical about her character at first, but seeing her grow through the first two seasons (as well as seeing her interactions with Matthew, obviously), I've grown to love her. I also cannot get enough of her outfits. She wears a lot of dark red shades, as shown by this color combination, and she always looks glamorous and amazing.

Sybil is probably my absolute favorite character on the show. She has this rebellious spirit that I've loved from day 1. And the time she wore that pants getup (how scandalous!) may have been my favorite moment so far. This color combination re-creates that moment quite nicely, I'd say.

Of course there are several characters downstairs that I love, and several that I, well... don't. But since they're uniformed they all pretty much go by the same color scheme. This set of colors is so classic but still reminds me of Anna and Carson and Mrs. Hughes. I'll just try not to think of O'Brien and Thomas...

And last but certainly not least is Violet, the Earl of Grantham's mother. She is so sassy and set in her ways, though I always manage to laugh when she's on screen. Though she could be completely evil and I probably wouldn't even notice, as I'd love anyone played by Maggie Smith.

These color combinations are available in a variety of styles. Head on over to Flawed Perfection Jewelry for the whole lineup.

And if any of you have not experienced the glory of Downton, I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. I was a skeptic at first but it is one of my all-time favorite shows now.

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  1. Lady Violet always cracks me up, with her propriety and sass! LOVE Downton. ;)

  2. What an awesome idea! I love the color combinations she's chosen - they fit the characters perfectly. Can't get enough Downton Abbey either!

  3. I checked out her website, the jewelry is so beautiful and amazing, I may have to get a couple of pieces


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