Sunday, July 8, 2012

Antique Finds

I'm constantly exploring all the different antique shops around Michigan. I might be a little obsessed, actually. I hardly ever leave a store without a handful of items. This past weekend, I explored some antique malls on the west side of Michigan, and here are some of the treasures I came away with:

This little black bag with a cross stitch floral pattern caught my eye right away. Buying it was a no-brainer.

I've always been a big fan of Classic Pooh, and Eeyore has always been my favorite character. So when I saw this vintage stuffed Eeyore, my inner child just wouldn't let me leave without it.

I just thought this painted fawn planter was really sweet. I'm growing some lavender plants in my kitchen right now so I think I'll transplant them into this planter when they grow a little more.

I think the 30's and 40's are my favorite fashion eras, so when I came across a huge bin of vintage fashion ads, I browsed the entire thing to find these three that I think go really well together. I'm currently searching for frames so I can hang them up in my sewing nook.

Please excuse the wrinkles, but I was so excited about finding this dress, I just had to share it!

I've been searching high and low for a new coffee table runner for awhile, and I finally found one that fits well with my living room. I had some sunflower place mats I was using, but I really wanted to move them to the island in my kitchen. Now that I found this cute scarf, I was able to get everything just the way I want it. Again, please excuse the wrinkles!

And this might have been my favorite find! I have an obsession with fondue, so I've been looking for a set to go with my kitchen, and how perfect is this?

Do you have any favorite antique treasures or shops?

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  1. What AMAZING finds...I too would have bought all of those things especially Eeyore...hello nostalgia! The handbag is pretty fabulous too...I'm uber jealous of your scores! That fondue set is perfection!


  2. love vintage shopping! the fondue set you got is really cool!

  3. i am so impressed at your finds!!! amazing:)


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