Friday, June 1, 2012

Style Me May

Last month I took part in an Instagram photo challenge documenting my outfits and styling. #StyleMeMay was created by @HilaryRushford and it was so much fun! Here are the prompts and my corresponding outfits.

While this was a fun challenge, it just further cemented my belief that I am no good at these challenges. I sometimes like to take a weekend away from the internet and then I find myself playing catch-up, which is kind of annoying. But I may try again one day - who knows. Anyone doing any fun challenges for June?

To see the photos and find out where my clothes are from, you can follow me on Instagram.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! Your outfits are all so have a lot of really cute skirts/dresses ;)

    1. Thank you, Kyla! It is a cute idea - I just wish I could stay on track better haha.

  2. Oh I wish I was as adorable as you! Love your outfits - what a great idea and thanks for sharing!

  3. Props to you for sticking with this and coming up with gorgeous outfits, as always! I almost got in on this challenge, but I'm still not happy with where my closet is right now ><; Maybe another month!

  4. Great job at this challenge. Love all the different themes.

  5. This is so fun! I love all of your outfits. I wish I had known and could have participated (even though I don't have a smart phone or instagram... I'd have done it somehow)!

  6. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Loved seeing all your photos and outfit ideas. Love! Great job. Seriously. I think you did great.

  7. Seriously?!! Where do you get all of these cute dresses and skirts??? LOVE them all. Especially that green one up top. This post inspires me to break out my dresses more!


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