Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cool Stuff of the Week

I hate writing intros to these posts. Here's your weekly dose of cool stuff:

I seriously need to get my hands on some of these amazingly well-designed wine bottles made for Labelle Family Wine Company.

I'm so inspired by vintage advertising right now. {12, 3}

These paint-dipped chopsticks from Penelope and Pip are so stinkin' cool. Now I just need to learn how to eat with chopsticks...

And who doesn't love cute miniatures?? These little cacti from MuffaMiniatures may be the actual cutest.

I just got back from a fun week at the lake with my best friends, where we adorned ourselves with some pretty ridiculous temporary tattoos. But these temporary tattoos from Tattly are actually really beautiful.

Other cool things happening this week: I wrote a post about what to do in the summer instead of being boring for Thought Pizza // I'm so excited to go to the midnight showing of The Amazing Spiderman this week! Anyone else going? // As I type this, I'm getting ready to head to a 90's party dressed as Daria. I can't wait to do the Macarena all night long.

I hope you're all having a great week!

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  1. I love those wine bottle! your blog is adorable!
    I'm your newest follower - would you like to follow me back?

  2. Oh the blue tattoos are awesome, I love them! And I really want to make some mini cacti too! You can learn to eat with chopsticks, it's easier than you think!


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