Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Wrap-up

Welp. It's the last day of May, so that means it's almost officially summer. Yet, it's been so hot all month that it's hard to believe it's not the middle of July already. May was really a great month though. It was spent hanging outdoors with friends, thrifting, painting, decorating my apartment, and lots of other fun stuff.

My favorite posts from May:

And some goals for June: 

  • Get my apartment organized and keep it that way
  • Get more sleep. I'm good at waking up in the morning but not always so great at going to bed at a reasonable time. 
  • Document my summer with my friends.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Princess Diaries Lied

Ever since I first saw The Princess Diaries years and years ago (If you haven't seen it, go do so right now), I've really wanted to fill up water balloons with paint and throw darts at them (like they do in this scene). So finally, at my turn to host monthly craft night, I decided to make it happen. So after days of planning and trial and error, it still didn't really work like I wanted it to. Either the balloons didn't fill up or the darts didn't pop them. I'm still determined to make it happen one day - I'll search high and low to find the stretchiest balloons and sharpest darts. But regardless of my Princess Diaries-induced heartbreak, it was a pretty fun craft night. We put all of our canvases on a drop cloth on my kitchen floor and just dropped paint all over the place. Some people even did some mixed media art using balloons and tape and other stuff. So now I have some cool new art for my apartment, and as always we enjoyed some great food and wine.

We discussed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which I LOVED. Have any of you read it? I'd love to hear what you thought about it!

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