Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peep Pouch DIY

Easter is in just a few days, so I thought I'd share a simple DIY celebrating everyone's favorite* Easter candy, Peeps.

What you need:

  • pastel felt (yellow, pink, blue, purple)
  • pastel embroidery thread in the same colors and a needle
  • black embroidery thread

Start by cutting out Peep shapes from your felt. Make two of each color, but they can really be any size you want. Use the black embroidery thread to make small dots for the eyes and nose. Then stitch the two felt pieces together with your embroidery thread, starting almost at the top of one of the ears and working your way around to the other ear. Clip the ends of the thread and voila!

You can use them for little party favors, to put in Easter baskets, or just as a fun little container for whatever you want. 

*I don't actually like Peeps. I think they're too sugary and gross. But they look really cute and festive. However, I'll take a Reese's egg over any other candy ever. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio makes them so much better than regular Reese's. Maybe I'll put some Reese's eggs in my Peeps pouches.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I wish I liked them, hahah, they are super cute I just can't get down with them.

  2. I concur with stinkin' cute! What neat idea. I should make them but put goodies for my cats in them for Easter gifts :p Which in turn the peep pouches would be the gifts!

  3. These are so cute and simple to make!


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