Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo An Hour

Since I recently quit my "day job," I'm trying to get back to a normal schedule while working from home. Currently, wanting to get back to work freelancing is mixed with wanting to enjoy this new thing called "free time," which has been foreign to me for awhile now. So I decided to start doing some photo-an-hour posts to help me track my time usage, as well as to give you a little peek into my day.

7AM - wake up. Sit on computer checking email, browsing social media, blogging, and getting some freelance work done, all before even getting out of bed. This is probably not healthy.

8AM - eat some kind of breakfast. I love multi-grain Cheerios right now, but I tend to go through phases where I eat one thing every day for awhile until I get sick of it. This is also when I look over my planner and figure out how I want to spend my day. I usually add 15 things to my to-do list at this time. Mornings make me feel really ambitious.

9AM - go for a walk if it's nice outside. It's only okay exercise wise, but it helps to clear my head and I hate hate hate running. But I love walking. I know there's not too much of a difference between the two, but I have very strong feelings toward both in the opposite directions. So walking it is. Then I come back and usually do some kind of 15 minute exercise routine. Right now it's pilates. This shortened, lazy version probably does little for my health and aesthetics, much like walking, but I think it helps more with making me feel awesome and productive throughout the day. Like "yeah, I did pilates this morning, so I'm all energized and can handle 4 interviews and editing that junk I wrote yesterday when I did not do pilates and therefore was not as awesome as I am today."

10AM - get ready for the day. Shower, outfit, putting on some makeup and trying to do something to control my hair. This day, I tried just curling my hair with my fingers and letting it air dry like that. This worked OKAY at first but when it fully dried it reverted to its naturally curls and frizziness. This technique probably works better for girls with straight or wavy hair.

11AM - pack up some craft supplies and head to my friend Whitney's house for the afternoon with Jordan. A few of us had nothing special going on during the day, so it made sense to do nothing special together. I can never pack light to go anywhere. I feel like I always need my computer and at least a few craft projects to work on wherever I go.

12PM - get to Whitney's and instantly make a mess. Here's a tiny look at my crafts bag. This was spread out all over her coffee table and couch for the majority of time I was there.

1PM - hang out watching movies. We all just worked on different things for awhile. I made a mess with craft projects, Jordan read magazines, and Whitney worked on this really awesome sketch of a heart. Also, we watched Contagion which kind of freaked me out.

2PM - hang out watching more movies. I'm doing the same thing at this point, but Whitney had some extra notebooks that she gave us, so I took a picture. It's made of banana peels or something. I don't know - it doesn't smell like bananas, which I was hoping it would. But it's still pretty cool I think.

3PM - do something with mess of craft supplies. I'm finally getting something accomplished with all this junk. And I found a place to take pictures for blog tutorials so that's pretty neat.

4PM - get on a roll with craft supplies. Finished project. Started new one. At least bringing all this junk was not a waste!

5PM - make dinner. We had chicken and I don't think that makes for a very appealing picture, so I took a picture of the spice rack instead. You're welcome.

6PM - hang out and get more freelance work done. I sit here on this futon in my boyfriend's gaming room or hangout room or whatever you want to call it, while glued to my computer and half-paying attention to reruns of Family Guy and Seinfeld.

7PM - have warm legs. I'm almost always in sweat pants at this time. These fleece ones are my favorites during the winter because they are, well, fleece, and they're too big for me so they cover my feet all the time. Yes, they do say "Call of Duty" all over them. Don't judge me.

8PM - cross stitch. I have this insanely large cross stitch kit that I bought at Disney World, and it's literally going to take me 14 years to finish it because my eyes/attention span can only handle working on it for about 15 minutes a day. And some days I just ignore it altogether. It's a good way to take a break from staring at a computer screen though.

9PM - tea time. Vanilla Sleepy Time. Yes.

10PM - get home and clean a little while watching something crappy on TV. The Parent Trap was on this night though, so that was not crappy at all.

11PM - finish the day how I started it. Laying in bed, browsing social media, checking email, blogging, and getting some freelance work done. This is definitely not healthy.

Then I go to sleep, wake up and do something completely different the next day. I'd like to have SOMEWHAT of a routine one day, while still maintaining some flexibility. I think I'm going to do more of these in the coming weeks if they're not totally annoying. Let me know what you think! And do you have a routine or are your days always changing?

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  1. sounds like a great day! I'm a little jealous :) love your doily craft! and I love Sleepy Time Vanilla tea.

  2. what a totally cool way to document your day! :D

  3. know, my day starts out much of the same as yours...and I'm constantly feeling frustrated that I don't really start work until after my noontime shower. You remind me that I need to rearrange...

  4. know, my day starts out much of the same as yours...and I'm constantly feeling frustrated that I don't really start work until after my noontime shower. You remind me that I need to rearrange...

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  6. It was cool reading and seeing what you got up to all day. You should definitely do some more posts like this. :)

  7. I love getting a little peek into someone's day, especially yours! It's just so relaxing and fun seeming :)

  8. Sorry about the spazzy 3 comments! Blogger was not quite working well for me yesterday and I was curious to see if it even posted my comment-lol!

  9. I absolutely admire you for being able to wake up at 7am of your own volition! I am horribly guilty of massively oversleeping on weekends and any time I'm not absolutely expected to be somewhere, like work or class. So, props!

    ♥ LW


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