Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Collected: Tea Sets

I love tea. And I love collecting stuff even though I can never keep up with it. I have a few kind of neat tea sets and individual pieces, so I took pictures. That's basically the gist of this post...

This is a small, individual teapot from China that I got as a gift a few years ago. I still haven't used it because it's supposed to absorb the flavor of the tea you use and so you are just supposed to use one kind of tea in it and that is a really stressful decision for me. But it comes in a pretty box.

This one also came from China and was also a gift and also comes in a pretty box. But this one is a full set and I have actually used it. The tiny cups make me feel like a giant.

This one is more practical, I think, and super pretty. I got it as a gift a few months ago and can't wait to use it!

This little teacup was my grandma's. My mom gave some of her pretty teacups to me and my cousins a few years ago. And the pot was just a centerpiece at a wedding shower a few years ago. But I thought it was pretty with the fake flowers so I put it on display. There's also a tiny teacup on that shelf, but I can't remember where it's from.

...So that's it. Do you collect anything cool?

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  1. Annie, I collect these tiny shoes: http://www.justtherightshoe.com/store/catalog/home,1.htm

    My bff started me on the collection when we were in high school together more than ten years ago now (gah...getting old!) and I have shelves FULL now with the cutest little shoes in my hallway!

    I LOVE tea too...so I might have to start collecting sets like you! How cute!


  2. some amazing pieces. I collect teacups. Have since probably high school. Which is coming in handy, because my July wedding is a tea party theme... so I'm getting to use all my collection to help decorate for the big day!

  3. oooooh pretty! I especially like the teapot flower pot! :)


  4. Your tea collection is gorgeous! The teapot from China does sound pretty stresstul! My collection are dunnys from kidrobot :)

  5. Your collection is awesome! I love my tea, but I never really collected *sets*. Love that you've used them for vases and the like too :D

    My collections are made up of mainly mugs and owls!

  6. Beautiful sets! Yea...I'm not so sure I would be able to commit to one flavor either. But, it could be great for your staple tea. I used to drink green tea every morning and then something fun every afternoon.

  7. these are so lovely!! I collect vintage perfume bottles. How do you display these?



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