Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birchbox Review

I'm not much of a beauty/makeup girl. I usually just throw on some eyeliner and mascara and call it a day, but I thought it would be fun to sign up for Birchbox this year, just to try out some new products and get some fun mail once a month. I've now received two months of samples, so I've put together a little review about it, in case anyone was undecided about signing up or not.

Month 1: I was slightly underwhelmed when I first opened the box, but I realize this is due more to my grand vision of what I wanted to see, rather than anything promised to me by Birchbox when I signed up. When they say samples, they really mean samples. That said, once I used the items, I was much happier. I received this purple, shimmery Stila eyeliner which was so perfect. I rarely ever buy anything not found at a drugstore, but I will have to make an exception for this. I also received some gray/purple Zoya nail polish which I obviously love and have used a few times since. I think these two items on their own, plus the excitement of getting a pretty pink box in the mail, was worth the $10 for the month (although there were a few more items that I got some use out of).

Month 2: It was a slightly different experience the next time around. There were no products that I was super crazy about. In fact, the main intriguing item was a set of stickers that you could use as eyeliner. They were way too big for my liking and they felt weird. I was not a fan, but there's also some value in ruling out items for potential future purchase, so I ain't mad about it. There were also some more practical items, like an emery board and some facial cleansers and exfoliants. These are not super exciting, but they worked well and I did get some use out of them. Again, I felt like it was probably worth the $10.

Bottom Line: Birchbox is a really fun service if what you want is some fun, surprise mail in a colorful box once a month. It is not for someone who is very specific about their makeup and beauty care products, or someone who is expecting a whole new stockpile for their makeup bag each month. It is exactly what it says: samples. But it did introduce me to a few brands that I really like, and I seriously enjoy opening that box every month. I'm keeping my subscription, at least for a couple more months.

Want to learn more? Head over to and sign up or read into the service.

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  1. My first month of Birchbox was last month, with the strange eyeliner, which I'm still yet to play with. I'm going to stick it out a few more months and see if I'm a fan, but last month was a bit underwhelming...

  2. Thanks for the info, Annie. I'd never heard of Birchbox, but I do like the idea. It could be fun to try out for a couple of months. Those crazy sticker eyeliners, would not be for me, but I could send those off to my sister :)

  3. Whoa! The sticker eyeliner thingies are pretty neat. I've never heard of anything like that before. I signed up for a version of this from myglam and I've gotten one so far. I liked it. It had some skin care samples which was nice. And a few make up things AND godiva chocolate and...a $100 gift certificate to a hairstyling tool site which I gave to a friend. So far I was impressed for 10 bucks! I hope you get some more goodies that you like enough to keep the birch box! I really like the nail polish you looks great!

  4. I've heard of them and always wanted to try.. I just might have to soon :)


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