Monday, February 13, 2012

Galentine's Day

Happy Galentine's Day (yesterday)! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Leslie Knope-created holiday, it's a day where your girlfriends leave their husbands and boyfriends at home and get together for breakfast (or dinner, in my case). February 14 is Valentine's Day but February 13 is Galentine's Day - It's about ladies celebrating ladies. Ovaries before brovaries, uteruses before duderuses.


For our version of Galentine's Day, a few friends and I got together and went to a local brewery for dinner and drinks. Then we headed back to a friends house for a late-night viewing of Breaking Dawn, the latest Twilight movie. A drinking game ensued.

I also put together some gift bags, because that's what Leslie would do. I have so much handmade stuff laying around my house that I can't possibly use by myself, so I separated it into gift bags and added a little "Treat Yo Self" flair to the bags. PLEASE tell me you watch Parks and Rec - it's amazing!

So if you haven't yet, I suggest getting together with your lady friends this week and celebrate Galentines!

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  1. Leslie Knope is my hero. I loved the Galentine's Day thing :)

  2. Wait, why is batman saying treat yo' self? hahahaha

  3. This is so awesome! I just finished with all the Parks and Rec on Netflix and I need more! SO SO funny :)


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