Thursday, February 2, 2012

Books, Crafts, and Wine

My friends and I recently started a monthly book club, where we meet and talk about a book and also eat food and make crafts. We don't have a name for it, so we mostly just call it books, crafts, and wine. It works. We had our first craft night/book club meeting last week and it was so much fun!

My friend Jordan was the host (we decided to rotate who hosts each month), and she bought all of us plain frames and gave us a whole bunch of supplies to use as decorations. It was fun to see what different people came up with when given all of the same options.

I made mine just using magazine pages. I found some cute floral backgrounds on the fashion pages and just mixed them up. I used plain glue to stick them to the frame, but I'd recommend a layer of Mod Podge over the top as well, if you ever attempt a collage frame. Then I stuck this feather on the corner with some hot glue. I'm really happy with it.

As for the book, this month we discussed The Hunger Games series. I know a lot of you have read/are reading them, so can I just tell you how obsessed I am for a minute. I finished all three books in four days and I couldn't stop thinking about them for a long time afterward (I'm still thinking about them, actually). There were some things I didn't like, but overall I think it was a really great series. I'm excited to see the movie next month, and we're also planning a Hunger Games themed party (no, we're not going to fight to the death, and yes, we are that nerdy). Also, I just need to say how much I love Finnick. That is all.

And no gathering would be complete without food. We ended up with a sort-of-unintentionally-French theme, so we're thinking about having a different worldly theme each month. We had macarons, brie, croissants, dips, wine (duh), our favorite punch (hawaiian punch, sprite, and rainbow sorbet), and my favorite: pita bread (get it? Peeta bread, nyuk nyuk nyuk).

Do any of you have a book club or regular girls' nights?

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  1. This is such a great idea, I can't even explain. Those collage-frames are such a cute craft too!

    (and I love your themed parties! Can't wait to see how a Hunger Games one turns out!)

  2. nice frame! crafts, books and wine sounds great. Our group is more knitting, scrabble and cider! :) x

  3. So fun!! I joined a book club with some fellow bloggers a few months ago-- need to suggest craft time to our group! But we certainly have the wine :)

  4. OH FUN! I was once in a book club, and it was very similar to this, but you girls definitely stepped. it. up. It makes me want to start one all over again!

    And okay, I feel then that this is a safe place to also say, I LOVE the Hunger Games trilogy. I read them in 5 days! Oh, so so good. So good. And Finnick? He turned out to be just amazing, that it breaks my heart a little. Oh, I cannot wait for the movie. It looks fantastic.

  5. such a great and cute idea to do with the girlies :)

  6. i wish i had a bunch of girlies who liked doing this!!!

  7. This is the cutest! I wish I lived near by and could join you guys :( I feel like there are not crafty/nerdy gals my age in the area. I also read and loved the hunger games :D


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