Monday, January 23, 2012

Staying Inspired with After Nine to Five

While I'm away on vacation, I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to step in and write some amazing posts. This one is from the always wonderful Ashley of the blog After Nine to Five. She's sharing some tips on a subject that I know a lot of bloggers (myself included) struggle with from time to time - staying inspired. Enjoy!


Hello Wattlebird readers! I'm Ashley from After Nine To Five. Today I thought I would share some quick fixes to one of what used to be my biggest problems when it came to blogging: coming up with fresh, fun, and exciting content. This is something that's really important for those looking to grow their blog and have regular, repeat viewers. So here are five tips on staying inspired and ensuring your content is worth reading!

1. Focus on quality over quantity.

There are no rules to how often or how little you should post. Sure, there are some guidelines like 20 times a day may be excessive and if you don't post for a month or two, you may be forgotten. But there's no set amount for success. It's up to YOU to decide what's best for you. Some people can post wonderful content two times a day. And for others, it's two times a week. Just make sure your posts are always focused and that you're not hitting publish just to get a post out there. Every time you hit publish, it should be because it was a post worth posting.

2. Come up with a series of posts that you're passionate about

Series of posts can be really helpful and prevent you from getting stuck if you need something to write about! But make sure it's something you either set a time limit on (something like 5 posts) or that you can talk about a lot as they can become draining for your blog. If you lose interest in the topic, your audience is likely to lose interest with you. The best way to start a series is to find something you're passionate about and dissect it to see if you can talk about it for multiple posts or if it's better suited for a single post.

3. Keep a notebook, or a sketchbook, on hand at all times

For some reason, I tend to be able to brainstorm new post ideas at some of the most inconvenient times. Most notably in the shower and in the middle of the night when I wake up from a dream. So I've learned to always have something to write it down in so I can revisit it when I have more time and am better prepared to expand on the brief thought I had. Jot all of your ideas down - good and bad! - so you can view them at later date, possibly when you're more experienced on a topic or more passionate about it.

4. Be okay with throwing out your ideas at times

Not every idea you have is golden. Be willing to accept when it's time to move on from an idea and start fresh with a new one if the idea isn't panning out in a way that seems right for your blog. Along with that, some ideas may be great posts for guest posts if they're not related to your typical blog topics so you can pitch them to other bloggers or hold on to them for the future. Trying to hold onto an idea that just isn't working for you is only going to stunt the rest of your creative process.

5. Get off the computer and try new things

Your computer can be a good source of inspiration (IE: Pinterest), but the best kind of inspiration comes from getting out and living life! Spend time outdoors, try new things, break boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. Do things that you can later share with your readers. More often than not, you'll create an awesome unforgettable experience. And if the experience totally sucks, just know it may make a good story if you're willing to share it some day.


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  1. Great points! I always keep some type of notebook on me (and write on paper scraps at work all the time... of course in between working) :)

  2. Great post and tips !

    Thank you for sharing

    Claire x

  3. Thanks for these tips! It's always good to remember to make sure content aligns with your brand/personal mission for blogging before hitting post! I know I'm guilty of not doing that on occasion.

  4. I agree with these ideas, thanks for sharing. I have learned it's better to throw away an idea I'm not happy with than to try and make it work!

  5. Such great advice for any and every blogger. Thanks for sharing with us!

    xo Shane


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