Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Painted Canvas Oxfords

Like many girls, I'm obsessed with oxford shoes right now. I have a few different pairs in my collection, but I can't be going out and buying new shoes every time a cute pair pops up (wah wah wah why oh why must life be so hard?!) Luckily, plain old canvas tennis shoes are super cheap and you can transform them in almost an infinite number of ways. Here's a quick and easy project to make those plain white shoes into some snazzy oxford flats.

All you need is a pair of plain white canvas tennis shoes, some fabric paint (acrylic works too, but I'm not sure how well it holds up over time so I prefer fabric paint), and a sharpie.

Start by removing the laces and lightly outline the areas you want to paint with your sharpie (or you can use a pencil). The areas I painted are the back heel (in a half circle - if you're using Keds this should already be outlined in stitching for you), the front where the holes for the laces are - it should be about 1 inch thick on each side, and then the very front from the toe out about three inches to the sides of the shoes. You can use my photos as a guide. Fill in the outlined areas with paint and let dry. I used a light gray but you can really use whatever color you want. You can even paint the remaining areas with a different color or just leave it white like I did.

Once the paint is dry, take your sharpie and just make little dots around the painted areas in the front and even where in the area where the canvas is stitched. You can be creative with which areas to dot or you can try the same pattern shown on my photos. That's all there is to it! You might have to do some cleanup with white paint or a magic eraser if you got excess paint on any part of the shoe. You can also put the laces back in or leave them be - your choice! I'm going to do an outfit post later this week to show you how to style your new DIY oxfords! Check back soon!

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  1. Such a cute idea! love it!

  2. So cute! I wish I was creative enough to come up with these ideas! Love them!

  3. where did you buy your plain white tennis shoes?

    1. I bought them online from a wholesaler but I've found them before at Payless!


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