Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Butcher's Twine Bracelet with RewareVintage

While I'm away on vacation, I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to step in and share some amazing posts. Today's post is a fun tutorial from Bethany of Reware Vintage (who's also one of the gals behind Handmade Detroit). She's sharing how to make a cute bracelet out of some repurposed materials. I definitely need to try this one when I get home! Enjoy!


Hello! My name is Bethany, and I'm very happy today to be guest blogging for Annie today while she is on vacation. I own an online shop at RewareVintage.com, selling both vintage clothing and crafts, and also write a blog there about vintage clothing, crafting and my family. As a fellow Michigander, I also gotta say that I am a tad jealous of Annie soaking up the sun in Florida... it's cold up here!

Like most crafters and vintage collectors, I am a practical girl who needs to find a use for everything in my house, letting nothing go to waste. So when my husband, a man who loves being creative in the kitchen, came home with a giant roll of butcher's twine (3600 feet, to be exact), I knew it needed to serve more of a purpose than just tying up an occasional roast. Of course, it would work great to tie up orders from my shop, or birthday and Christmas gifts, but that was not enough. Looking at the giant roll, it reminded me of a braided rope bracelet that I bought at Boblo Island when I was a kid, and the perfect idea hit - a recreation with a vintage twist! (Editor's note: Boblo Island was the best!)

It was very simple and easy to make. All I needed was some of that twine, a pair of scissors, a large safety pin, and a wooden bead. My mother-in-law was quite a crafty lady herself when she was my age, and gave me a big bag of wooden beads she had saved for more than 20 years. I was happy to put it to use as well!

First, cut your twine. I cut mine into six strands, 30 inches in length.You could cut more or less as you'd like, but keep in mind how large the hole in your bead is when you decide. Fold your strands in half, and tie a knot, making a loop at the end.

Use your safety pin to secure your twine to something - a pillow, your couch, or as I did - my jeans. Reminisce at this moment about making friendship bracelets when you were younger in this same way... Ok, now get ready to start braiding. Separate your twine into three equal sections and braid it as loose or tight as you wish.

When you have enough length to wrap around your wrist, slide your bead on, tie another knot at the bottom, and trim your end. My bracelet was 8 inches top to bottom, yours may need to be longer or shorter to fit you (and you will want it a little loose - butcher's twine is cotton, so it may shrink over time if you get it wet).

Wrap your new bracelet around your wrist and slide your knot through the loop. Ta-da, your bracelet is finished! You may love it so much that you will impulsively make a few more to stack on top. Feel free, you've got about 3580 more feet of twine to use up!


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  1. Such a great DIY, Love it!

  2. Great DIY I really love how it came out

  3. Thank you for posting this! I just went to a yard sale and purchased rolls and rolls of pretty colored twine. You made it so easy!


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