Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Collected: Vintage Polaroid Cameras

I've always wanted to collect something. Like really collect something. I want to be one of those people you see on TV with the really weird and huge collection that overtakes an entire room of their house and you can't help but think "what possesses them to do such a thing?" Yes, that's my life's ambition.

Unfortunately, I have thus far failed in this area due to lack of focus. I have managed to create the beginnings of a few pretty neat collection, but nothing large or weird enough to be worthy of a big WTF. However, I'm still proud of these mini collections, so I'm going to start sharing them with you periodically. The first one, which is currently my favorite, is my vintage Polaroid collection. Right now it's only 4 deep, but they're really neat to look at.

The first is this old accordion model, which belonged to my grandpa. It is actually in fairly decent condition, aside from not actually taking photos. It even comes with a cute little case. This is my favorite one for display purposes!

This video camera (also from Polaroid) is also from my grandpa. It is definitely not in great condition, but has most of its parts and is just really cool to examine since we rarely use film video cameras anymore!

Then of course there's this classic 80's model which I got from my grandma. It still works and even came to me with a case of film! I've been rationing it carefully since Polaroid film is so rare and overpriced these days. The camera itself is almost perfect. And would wouldn't love that colorful design??

Then there's this 90's version which is super boring compared to the others, but it also still works and has film. Plus, it is the camera my parents used while I was growing up so there's some sentimental value there as well.

I love all of these and can definitely see this collection growing. Maybe it will be my main, room-consuming collection, who knows! I can't wait to share another collection with you guys soon!

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  1. I love these vintage cameras... especially love polaroid pictures because they have such a genuine photo quality!

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  2. that's a great collection! do you think you'll be experimenting taking photos with them any time soon! i would love to see the pictures taken with these cameras!

    and one more thing, you've been tagged here!

  3. these are some gems! i also have a small vintage camera collection. it started out with some hand me downs from family and has branched out from there.

  4. Careful Annie! I started collecting vintage cameras about 9 months ago. I'm up to 14 already!!


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