Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

This weekend, Beauty and the Beast was re-released in theaters in 3D. Now, you probably already know how dorky I am so I don't really have a problem admitting that my friends and I went to see it at midnight and some of us even donned costumes for the occasion. We basically just really love making/thrifting costumes and will take any excuse to do so. But Beauty and the Beast is a major occasion for us, anyway.

Here's how we created our ensembles, in case any of you see a Beauty and the Beast costume in your future.

Belle Costume - Alyssa thrifted this blue dress which is completely perfect. She borrowed this white half-apron and wore a plain white blouse underneath and a blue bow in her hair. She then carried around a book as her prop.

Lumiere Costume - Jordan managed to find yellow EVERYTHING for her costume. She then found these perfect white gloves and stitched some gold felt triangles as flames. She put some kind of cone on her head and tied her hair over the top of it so it stood up (we had to sit in the back row of the theater, obv.)

Babette Costume - Charlotte went as the feather duster, so she had a plain beige top but then attached some feathers to her skirt, ankles, and even her arms.

Mrs. Potts Costume - I knit my purple hat to look like the top of the teapot. The skirt is also semi-handmade. I cut out pink and blue felt pieces and tied them around my waist using yellow yarn. The white sweater and purple skirt were lucky thrift finds.

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(All clip art via this site)

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  1. Oh my goodness too adorable and funny!! My friend and I didn't make it to the midnight release, but we sure were there the first day :)

  2. these are amazing! This is great inspiration for when I get the time to go out and see B&B in 3D :)

  3. so cute and fun! I love these posts;)

  4. I love, love, love this post Annie!!! I love dressing up and can't wait to try costume making myself. I also want to get into cosplay. <3

    Y'all ROCK for donning costumes!

  5. These costumes are too cute, and dressing up for midnight showings is always so much fun! You all look fantastic and I hope the movie was lots of fun! I want to see Tangled Ever After so badly.

  6. you all did so great! I looove the costumes!

  7. you all did such a great job! I love Beauty and the Beast :) and it was the perfect occasion!

  8. These are amazing!!! Love this, you guys must have had so much fun. Did you sing along too? My sisters and I couldn't resist when we went to see Lion King 3D

  9. Dude! These are absolutely fantastic!

    If I had seen y'all, I would've been the undressed person who would've skittered over and said, "YO! Can I have a shot with you?" and pulled out my camera.

    Such creativity and skils.

  10. this is too freakin' cute! looks like you girls has such a fun time. beauty and the beast is one of my fave disney films.

  11. I love that you made this costume. It's overshadowed by the other dresses in the film. You did a wonderful job!



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