Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

Okay guys, it's time for the obligatory new year goals post. I really really love making goals - probably a little too much. Every year I make a list of goals, and then throughout the year my priorities change just enough so that I don't accomplish some of my minor goals, and that's a little sad. So this year I've decided just to make some general goals to work on throughout 2012. I think I've made them specific enough so that I'll hold myself accountable, but not so specific that they don't leave me any room to just be a little spontaneous this year.


I bought myself a snazzy new camera at the end of this year, so a big part of 2012 will be spent teaching myself how to use it and improving the photos on this blog, my shops, and other areas as well. I've always known that photography was one of my weakest areas, and I don't plan to become a ~photographer~ or anything, I just want the quality to improve enough so that it doesn't hold me back.


Just like goals, I'm a little obsessed with organizing. I think I'm so obsessed that I make too many lists and such. I'm pretty sure I went through four planners last year. This year, I bought myself an Erin Condren life planner and I can already tell it will be my saving grace this year. I'm keeping all my lists separate and keeping my to-do lists on the actual calendar date designated in the planner, instead of letting one day's list extend through the whole week. (yeah, I really did that). Also, I want to try to keep my crafting and work space neat. Clearly, I need some work in that area right now, as I currently cannot walk more than two steps into my craft room.


In 2012, I really want to get back to more crafty posts here. I love the fact that I can just post whatever I want, and that won't really change. But when I started this blog I mostly talked about craft/etsy stuff and I'd like to shift back a bit in that direction. I also am finally going to re-open my shop and it's getting a complete overhaul. I'm rebranding both the shop and the blog so they're consistent, and I'm going to be carrying A LOT more items than I used to.

Living Space

Ever since college, I feel like I've been in this kind of weird in-between stage with my living space. I didn't want to do too much to it because it isn't permanent and I just got lazy. This year, I need to find a place where I'll be happy and comfortable. And then I need to make it my own, even if it isn't permanent. There's nothing worse than going home and just feeling like it isn't really your home.


I'm not trying to lose weight or run a marathon or anything, but I could stand to cut out a few chicken wings from my diet. I'd really like to start cooking more real food using ingredients that don't come in a box with the word "instant" on it. My goal is to just buy a lot of basic ingredients and try new recipes every week. These dishes will include things like vegetables, which I don't see much of these days.


I did have a lot of fun in 2011, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I just felt like such a hermit. In 2012 I'm going to force myself to go out more often, even when I don't feel like it (read: always). I'm going to host and attend more get-togethers with my girlfriends, I'm going to go out to new restaurants, and I'm going to be a tourist in my own town sometimes. Netflix is great, but there's more to life than finishing as many shows as possible. Maybe.

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  1. good luck with keeping these goals! :) i hope to see you get a bit more crafty around here :)

  2. I love your goals and I love that you're a goal and list maker like me. ;) Enjoy your new camera!!! I got one for Christmas and have been having so much fun. :D

    Also, I'm a total homebody and I don't wanna change that (plus, Jen and I don't have any friends near us in Utah) however I do want to GO out more, such as tourist-y stuff like you said - a tourist in our own city. Just for fun and to explore, which we both love doing!

    One little goal, which isn't a New Years goal, just a little one is going thrifting for the first! time! which we MAY be doing Wednesday. Eeee!

  3. I am working on my list now. Sounds like you have some really good plans for the year.

  4. yes!! Have kind of the same goals!! Let's help each other to keep them!!

  5. Is there more to life than Netflix marathons? xD Really though, I feel like I have the same habit. I do have fun, just, usually the kind of hermit-fun that my schedule allows. I may have to make this one of my goals too - it's much needed!

    I hope you keep these goals!


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