Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Know How to Party

I got together with some of my girlfriends earlier this week for a wine/cheese/Christmas leftovers party. We've always been a little different (i.e. we'd rather hangout playing trivia on the computer than go out to a bar), but it's so much fun. We've decided that in the new year we're going to start a book/craft club so we'll take turns hosting once a month, and we'll discuss a book and do one craft project (while drinking wine and eating cheese, of course). I'm really excited for more friend get-togethers. We had a little too much fun playing with my camera at the end of the night (read: after all the wine was gone).

This fishing game might be my favorite game ever because I'm AWESOME at it.

This punch was delish. It's fruit punch, sprite zero, and sherbet. It also tastes really good with champaign.

We also had bean dip and a bunch of really amazing food. I would have eaten the whole pan myself if I could have. Everyone else would have had a major problem with that though.

Then we spent a lot of time playing sporcle quizzes. We did really well on the ones about TV. Go figure.

We tried really hard to take a serious "awkward family photo," but we failed miserably. I have about 13 pictures just like this one because we couldn't hold it together.

Then I had to photobomb, obviously.

And finally a nice one. I hope you all had a great holiday and have some fun in 2012!!

(P.S. dress is from Dear Golden Vintage, Earrings are from Lia Sophia, and tights are from Target)

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