Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Talk

This is seriously what my craft room looks like right now:

I guess I know what my big project is for the rest of the month...

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  1. haha my craft room is quite crazy too! but i am WAY too lazy to organize it!

  2. That's the state of our room right about now. Since we live with Jen's parents, Jen and I "live" in our bedroom which is 86 square feet. So basically, this one room is our: bedroom, living room and craft room OH MY! Not to mention game room!

    Obviously, this equals a mess and fast. We've taken a LOT of steps towards cleaning and organizing this month and I hope everything is clean and shimmery for Christmas. ^_^

  3. hahaha! I guess it is a cleaning month for all, not just me! ;)


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