Sunday, November 6, 2011

One Picture of One Really, Really Cute Animal

I'm feeling kind of lazy tonight, and my eyelids are super heavy, but I just had to share this one picture with you for this week's "pictures of cute animals" because it is arguably the cutest thing ever.

I have always loved pandas. For some reason I'm just really drawn to black and white animals like pandas and penguins and zebras, but this little guy might take home the cute cake. If you think you can find a cuter picture somewhere, I'd REALLY like to see it. Seriously. Oh, and I don't have a source for this image, because unfortunately a lot of people on ~*certain websites*~ don't like to credit their images making it really difficult for those of us who want to do so. So if you know the source, let me know. Otherwise, just enjoy the cuteness and have a happy Monday!!

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  1. very very cute. I used to be obsessed with koalas when I was a kid

  2. Oh my god. x.x PRECIOUS!!! I love panda bears as well! My favorite animal is the Lion, followed by the Tiger and well, kitties in general. Big or small!


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