Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Thanks

via ThreeRedApples on Etsy

I'm feeling thankful for a lot of things: family, friends, faith, and all that good stuff, of course. But you can probably guess what all would be on that list. This list is a little silly and trivial, but I'm still thankful that all of these things exist.

wool yarn, cheese, seasons, post-its, harry potter books, nature, sushi, fleece pajama pants, people with awesome mustaches, nachos, google maps, birds, aha! moments, crunchy leaves, brita filters, blogging, living near water, dry shampoo, road trips, blanket forts, wine, stupid youtube videos, bluegrass music, frozen yogurt, deadpan humor, pillows, magic erasors, peppermint mochas, texting, chick flicks, a bunch of other stuff, and you (thanks for reading!)

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  1. I need dry shampoo and pillows are awesome! oh yeah awesome mustaches are really something to be thankful for!!!! love your list. I am stopping by from gussy's.

  2. Peppermint mocha's 2 for 1 at Starbucks today. I'm just sayin' if they're offering...Cute post.

  3. For the record - one part martha stewart, 2 parts liz lemon, might be the best personal description ever.

  4. Peppermint mochas - yes!! :) x


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