Thursday, October 27, 2011

You're Invited to a Halloween Party

I usually go to a few Halloween parties every year, but they're the type of parties where people just drink beer and listen to music and girls wear skimpy costumes... you get the idea. But I'm much more of a "family" party type of girl. I really enjoy themed foods and cheesy games and costumes that people actually put a lot of time and thought into. Here are some things that would be at my dream of a Halloween party.


for the front porch - funny bert and ernie pumpkins
festive on the inside - witch legs
a handmade touch - fabric pumpkins
easy DIY - mason jar lanterns


the appetizer - pumpkin dip with chips
straight up dessert - chocolate peanut butter eyeballs
dessert disguised as fruit - white chocolate strawberry ghosts
food to-go - candy filled headstones
munchies - snack-filled frankenstein cones


easy DIY - paper doll
for a group - rock, paper, scissors
just so pretty - Mary Poppins
for your inner geek - super mario trap plant
and my very favorite - comic book character


fun for kids - skeleton scavenger hunt
doubles as decor - pop goes the pumpkin
a classic - bobbing for apples
during scary stories - dead man's guts

What's your ideal Halloween party? And are you planning on attending one this year??


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  1. I am more of a family party type of girl as well. Although I enjoy going to crazy parties, I still prefer cute parties complete with themed decoration, food, and games. These are all so fun! :D

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  2. oh my god I love the strawberries! And I agree...I've seen enough 'sexy nurse' and 'sexy cop' and 'sexy bunny' costumes

  3. I'm half n' half. I hate skanky costumes on people trick-or-treating, etc. but love them for mine and Jen's own little party. During the beginning of the night, we have dinner with the family, dress quite scary and hand out candy, take a walk to the local haunted house slash food drive, etc! It's awesome!

    Afterwards, once we're home, we retire to the bedroom with a lot of rum punch and get snockered while watching movies, playing games, etc. and we often put on something more comfortable. Sometimes it's more on the sexy side, other times it's just something really fun! Jen is gonna be a Merlotte's Waitress and I'm gonna be a home-made gothic rag doll!

  4. I was never one for the college-party like atmosphere; I much prefer the family kind, and especially with all the awesome decor and games you listed! And that Mary Poppins costume? Wow - amazing!

    Sadly, no Halloween parties for me this year. I honestly just have been so busy with school that I haven't had time to get a costume together ><;

  5. eeeeep!!! It's a bert + ernie pumpkin set!!! I LOVe it!!! and those witches legs from an umbrella?!? Brilliant! Those strawberries are too cute and I LOVE that mary poppins costume!! I totally pinned that on pinterest a while back!! :)
    Yippie for Halloween!!

  6. Looks like you have the right idea!!


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